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rise and graze on this,
The future is a mess.
Oh, where you take this thing,
From us we give it in.
No longer yet, oh no.
Won’t you got your thing,
I cheer empty it from,
One over thing.
One over thing,
Count out the radiant life.
Won’t you give in now?
Out of the reasons,
Let a light is run.
Stone and gate is lay,
Hope you got your lips.
Live up to your dreams and give,
Wonder you’ll but then.
Dark and tossed away,
Breach all yourself,
On love is a gaze,
Gone and tossed away.
Leave the bane stick in and in.
Oh i’ll lay here,
Don’t give up your down, down, down.
We don’t need all heaven’s underground.
Can we leave all?
The lord knows it’s dark, dark.
Rain, is empty receded.
I have to say it’s nothing more than,
My point of view.
This pride rains for a girl,
She slides across the floor,
And looks good as an angel.
Watch, i want some more.
She’s all needed to me,
Best thing i can come.
What’s all been played with me,
The sweetest one of all.
The sweetest one of all.
Come on raven, give it up.
Won’t you give the light up?
I’m to waiting,
Here like a fool.
When i say this i mean all,
Won’t you go with your head?
Live life till you don’t need in it.
But don’t give up on it.
All then tossed away,
Ah, don’t you give up this little stray.
Gone, then tossed away.
Read, god is on the page.
Pray pm word,
Have you say you get down, down,
Oh, we leave here,
We need more love round, around, around.
They won’t let it go on,
Oh, man cower down.
Here no worry, to rest they say nothing more,
Then i wouldn’t do.
Can leave us love to die, no
Would you give your love?
Rise up, you raven.
If you like to live it down on it,
Won’t let you down here, would you got raisins up,
To spread around the place.
God got locked away,
No, don’t place it in time.
We walk away,
Then rise up your wings.
Read the way out of the wars.
Oh, my lady, oh all, in all around and round,
Round, i won’t let you.
Freedom, freedom, freedom, freedom, freedom
Oh, i won’t be this,
I’m here to say it’s,
Nothing more than my point of view.

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