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The Chokin’ Kind

I only meant to love you
Didn’t you know it baby, didn’t you know
Why couldn’t you be content with the love I gave?
I gave you my heart
But you wanted my mind
Your love scares me to death, boy
It’s the choking kind
See you can kill a girl with a bottle of poison or a knife
I know you can
But it’ll hurt her more to take her pride and ruin her life
It’s a shame, it’s a shame, boy
Whatever it is boy I surley hope you find
I tell you that hat don’t fit my head
It’s the choking kind
When you fall in love take a tip from me
If you don’t like the peach, then walk on by the tree
That’s what you better do honey, honey
Find what you want boy
Keep it, treat it sweet and kind
Let it breathe
Don’t go making it the choking kind

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