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You’re a star

Well, I feel good, yeah, I feel fine
I stopped complaining all the time
You’ll get yours then baby and I’ll get loud
So don’t be fooled by what you see
In the movies, magazines, and on TV
Cause what do they know about you and me
We don’t care what they say
We’ll be alright
We’ll be okaaaay
So sit up straight and stand up tall
Ain’t got to waste your time at shopping malls
Slam the door and lets tear down the walls
Crank it up
Lets mess around
Be who you are
Cause you’re a staaaaar
You’re a staaaaar
Clean it up
Mess around
Tear it up
Tear it down
Crank it up
Mess around
Tear it up
Cause your a staaaaar
Your are a staaaaar

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